5 Aug 2011

Fuller’s Bengal Lancer and #IPADay

The beer

Gleaming, polished copper draws me in.

Familiar Fuller’s aroma holds me close. So distinctive: toffee, caramel, honeycomb...iced gingerbread.

Malt sweetness in my mouth too, but cereal grain and spicy, star anise bitterness keep all that in check.

The best English-style IPA there is. Yes, better than White Shield.

Does being the best English-style IPA there is make Bengal Lancer the best IPA in the world?

Quite possibly.

Fuller’s – I beg of you – please stop viewing this wonderful beer as seasonal ale. It deserves year–round attention.

The trending topic

I’m not quite sure how or why #IPADay exists – and I’m not prepared to even dedicate a cursory Google search to finding out – but kudos to whoever came up with the idea as it has clearly caught on.

It’s utterly ridiculous (when is #BièredeGardeDay?) but it’s just a bit of fun and an excuse to drink beer – the type of cause I can always get behind.

The match

I would imagine the vast majority of people drinking IPAs today will have opted for something big, American and heavily-hopped.

And quite right too – so many exceptional beers fall into this category.

This match is no act of patriotism; it’s just borne out of a desire to express my love for this brilliant beer.

Yeah, I could make some comment about the big, brash hop character of the American IPA versus the subtle spice of the English variation, and how that correlates with national stereotypes, but that’s not needed. Not today.

English-style IPAs will have been underrepresented over the past 24 hours. However, I’ve no need, or desire, to fight their corner.

If you believe you are an IPA connoisseur, and have never tasted Bengal Lancer, you are fooling yourself.

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