4 Jan 2012

Port Brewing Mongo IPA and New Year’s Eve

The beer

West Coast IPA should be a recognised BJCP style.

Hell, you could even get more specific with a Californian IPA category, to differentiate it from those beers originating from more northerly states.

Any beer that described itself as a Cali IPA and deviated from the fresh fruit and pine aroma blueprint, the sunset orange and fluffy white cloud visual guidelines, and the zingy citrus-hop / subtle-malt flavour profile would be deemed a failure.

Mongo IPA is not a failure. It’s so far removed from failure it doesn’t even realise failure exists.

It has all the characteristics I’ve outlined above turned up to 11, but somehow the elements all mesh together perfectly – much like its slightly-less-punchy-but-no-less-brilliant little brother Wipeout – creating a dangerously easy-drinking double IPA.

The day

New Year’s Eve can do one.

Everyone have fun all at the same time immediately and be happy and make sure it’s brilliant and pay through the nose for a shit night out with people who never normally go out and are therefore unable to act appropriately in social situations and then spend four hours trying to get home surrounded be people who inspire a welling-up of pure hatred from within the very core of your being.

Most years I shut the curtains and pretend it’s not happening.

The match

This year we had a couple of very good friends over to our place and it was probably the best New Year’s Eve I’ve ever experienced.

I laughed a lot and drank incredible beer until I literally passed out.

So the fact that I can remember how glorious Mongo was is testament to how superb this beer is.

The fact that I haven’t been able to write about it until now is probably testament to the brutal hangover that I’m only just emerging from now.


  1. Sounds like the best way to do NYE! NYE is shit, I'm with you there. If it came before Christmas, I reckon it might be good. But the fact it's attached to the tail-end-come-down of post Christmas just means it'll alway suck.

    Interesting point about West coast IPA. I think the difference between West and East coast is even greater than West coast and northern states though.


  2. Was indeed a fantastic way to bring in the new year. Pitbull agrees.

    Mark- Think the point Christopher is making is that West Coast alone is even too broad for this beer. East and West are radically different, but even within the West, THIS style is so Cali.

  3. Mark – couldn't agree more re: NYE. I tend to think the variances, subtleties and nuances between different takes on IPA warrant a more location-specific, clearly-defined style guidelines than we currently have!

    Jamie – should have really thanked you for supplying this. And your company.