8 Apr 2012

Odell Red Ale and A$AP Rocky

The beer

Odell Red Ale isn’t red.

Certainly not in this picture, but not in real life either.

It’s dark copper, slightly murky, with a not-quite-white head.

It smells like Marmite, piles of damp leaves circa 21 October and a twist of lemon.

Pink grapefruit tells your mouth it’s morning, too much brown sugar in your coffee sets you up for the rest of the day.


The rapper

I hate it when the masses start getting into something I like.

If we acknowledge the scientific fact that the vast majority of humans on this planet are so incredibly stupid and utterly devoid of taste that they must be a separate species to me, then you will understand that when something I believe to be of genuine quality attains popular status I get deeply annoyed.

A$AP Rocky is being hyped to death right now. Stop it. You’re ruining it for me.

My music tastes are diverse. Hardcore punk, black metal, hip-hop and all sorts of weird ambient rubbish.

Aren't I an interesting, middle-class, down-with-the-kids Guardian reader?

I started listening to A$AP early last year, when I realised cloud rap connected with me. Main Attraktionz, rather than a magazine article, hooked me up.

What I like about A$AP's music is the space. The dreaminess. Those keys.

It takes me somewhere. Elevates my mind in the way only music can.

A$AP is at his best is when he works with Clams Casino, the producer that doesn’t seem to want to be a producer forever.

LiveLoveA$AP is real good. I’m irritated by the fact that simpletons enjoy it.

The match

This post is about two things: hype and colour.

Well, it's actually about one thing: drinking a great beer while listening to music I like, but my mind is wandering.

Hype comes in two forms for me: 1) the kind I can ignore because it’s about something so obviously rubbish, and 2) the kind that interferes with my life because it’s about something I like.

There’s all sorts of nuances and tipping points involved with 2) that I can’t really get into here, but needless to say I’m a deeply unlikeable person that can’t take recommendations well.

I worry this will happen with good beer. I want to promote it – but I don’t want cretins to like it and taint it with their idiocy.

Now onto colour – A$AP Rocky’s music is drenched in purple.

How can sounds be saturated with colour? Why purple? Er, I couldn't possibly say...

As I mentioned above, Odell Red Ale is not really red.

It references and evokes red. Without really being red as we think of red.

Synesthesia, wassup?

Embrace beer's full range of sensory experiences. Listen to A$AP.

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