24 May 2012

3 Floyds Zombie Dust and Mikkeller Bar

The beer

Yes, I'm going to write about the same brewery's beer twice in a row.

Think of it as a appeal to those who move beer across oceans.

Because 3 Floyds Zombie Dust is every bit as jaw-droppingly spectacular as Powder Burns.

Its dusky apricot hues nod towards the sun as the celestial body kisses the horizon.

A seductive whisper of delicate foam drifts lightly across the surface.

Piña Colada. Long Island Iced Tea. This smells so fruity and instantly appealing it needs an umbrella in it.

And maybe one of those monkeys cuddling a straw. I like those guys.

Have you ever eaten pink grapefruit for breakfast? Sprinkled with brown sugar?

If not, drink this, it's the liquid version of that. And is beer, so wins.

Cara malt smoothness adds a cream soda, root beer vibe somewhere in the mix.

The bitterness that exists somewhere within its anatomy is subtle; more a calming, drying feeling in your mouth that just adroitly takes the edge off all that citrus sweetness.

Please, someone, anyone, make the world a better place and ensure a steady flow of 3 Floyds beer down my throat.

The bar

Mikkeller Bar.

Regularly featured in 'world's top 50 bestest bars ever' articles.

And for good reason.

The decor is all sexy Scandi style and pastel restraint.

That blackboard you see in the picture above has an intriguing selection of Mikkeller beers that you'll never have this fresh, alongside a few banging international rarities.

And you know, it's Mikkeller's bar. Even if you're not a massive fan of their beers you kinda have to admit it's cool they have a bar.

The match

The bar is less than ten minutes walk from my Copenhagen apartment. They have a 3 Floyds beer on.

'Can we go there now please?'

'But we haven't unpacked. Stop bouncing off the walls.'

Those of you who are stalking me will have noticed that I have screwed the chronological order of my Copenhagen posts.

There is a reason, and that reason is that I wasn't sure I was going to write about this bar.

And the reason (I'm a reasonable guy) for that is that I didn't have a great time here.

We went the night it was Keith Shore's private view type thing.

The week of the inaugral Copenhagen Beer Celebration.

And it was fucking rammed.

I am someone who deeply dislikes when crowds of people prevent me from drinking in the manner of my choosing.

The bar – the actual thing where you go and get your drinks from – was just not equipped to deal with the volume of humans requesting beer.

I can't really have that.

However, the reason (there it is again, no thesaurus for me) that I thought this match was worth writing about is the fact that even when I'm annoyed, frustrated and a little deflated, a beer of exceptional quality can still lift the occasion.

I would love to go to Mikkeller Bar when it's quiet, when it's me and like maybe four (max five) other people.

Either I'm some kind of anti-social misanthrope – bookies have stopped taking bets on that one – or I found another bar in Copenhagen that was quiet, had a great list, and on that day, suited my mood better.

More on that later...

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